Docs North | Docs Nord 4 | June 27-30 2016

Please apply before June 25th!

Flash Frame Film and Video Network’s Docs North Docs Nord 4, June 27-30, 2016 is an excellent opportunity for emerging and independent digital media producers, researchers and artists to learn more about multi-media arts practice and knowledge mobilization. Docs North Docs Nord 4 is an intensive four day workshop on the essentials of multi-media approach to storytelling. Participants and mentors benefit from the sharing of skills and knowledge in the area of multi-media arts. The diverse group we will bring together will gain practical skills and share ideas regarding filmmaking, animation, new media, interactive and web-based media projects.

Docs North Docs Nord 4 will provide an opportunity for local and visiting mentors to combine their expertise and learn from each other. Because this is a theoretical and hands on – practical workshop, we will improve our arts practice by sharing our past experiences and by creating new work together. Local and visiting mentors work with several multi-media production teams to produce 4-5 short projects on the final 2 days of the 4 day workshop. The completed projects will be presented at the 12th annual Bay Street Film Festival. The results will be posted or linked to the website. The website will be upgraded as an interactive venue that will provide a meeting ground for future collaborations between the participants and mentors and participants who experience the workshop virtually through streaming.

Each day from Monday to Tuesday there will be 2 theory sessions each morning, 2 skill building sessions per afternoon. During scheduled breaks and an on-site lunch there will be break out group interaction and project planning. On Wednesday there will be a final skill building session and pre-production planning. In the afternoon 4 – 5 teams will shoot a mini doc or create a multi-media project such as an interactive website or podcast series or installation. They will put into practice new skills they have learned on a multi-media or mini-doc project alongside mentors assigned to their groups. Thursday morning with be a continuation of hands on production with post-production planning taking place at the end of the day. Post-production will take place after the Docs North workshop and projects will be completed in time for the 12th Annual Bay Street Film Festival.

The workshop sessions will take place in the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) lab at Lakehead University (PACI Campus).

Most technical equipment, camera and sound kits, computers, projectors, sound recording equipment etc. will be provided by Bay Street Film Festival and the ReSDA lab. Additional equipment will be rented as needed to equip all 4-5 teams of participants on the Production and post-production days. Though out the summer Flash Frame and Bay Street Film Festival Mentors will be available to help with post-production.

All sessions will be streamed live to long-distance participants in remote communities and will be recorded for future dissemination.


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